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Atelier Vierkant
There are no standard objects here, only authentic designs of artisanal quality, design pieces.
ethimo cover 001
Ethimo’s collections are interpreted with a skilful equilibrium that is all about tradition and modernity, natural warmth and sophisticated elegance.
italian terrace 002
Italian Terrace
Each item is handcrafted with a unique blend of Tuscan clay to achieve a soft, mellow colour and wonderful, weathered texture.
The creation of timeless outdoor furniture is Kettal’s raison d'être. Its designs are functional, expressive and represent contemporary culture, providing solutions to the emerging needs of modern life.
my your
My Your
My Your is a family-run firm that designs and produces all its outdoor furnishings and accessories in Italy. Its pieces exhibit a strong Italian aesthetic, personality mixed with elegance and technical excellence.
tribu cover 001
Luxurious, exclusive outdoor furniture is the field of distinction for Belgian design house Tribù.