The Illum Collection refers to the classical Scandinavian furniture archetypes, translated with updated materials for outdoors. Aluminium is used like sculpted wood throughout the collection, with smooth transitions from crisp to soft lines. The table with its slim legs in aluminium or teak is kept pure and simple.


Giro is a collection that blends into both interiors and exteriors due to its tactility and pure lines. Vincent Van Duysen designed the collection with particular attention to the materials and their intrinsic quality – the twisted pattern and thickness of the rope, the naturalness of the teak and its edge radius. All the details come together to create an inviting environment where you a can relax and unwind in luxurious comfort.


Boma was created to endure the elements without sacrificing comfort or design. Rodolfo Dordoni designed the outdoor furniture collection for Kettal to be modular and highly customisable. There’s an emphasis on comfort with deep cushions and soft upholstery. It combines a contemporary style and cosines to create an outdoor living space you never want to leave.


Mesh is an iconic blend of industrial and natural materials. Curved frames and voluminous, comfortable cushions add lightness, creating a comfortable and modern outdoor living experience.
The design by Patricia Urquiola is influenced by architectural facades that filter the surrounding environment without stopping the flow of light and air. The expanded metal used for the backrest of the sofas and the frames for the tables gives a feeling of airiness, while also providing support for the tabletops and cushions.


My Your’s Wave Collection proves that elegance isn’t just about sobriety and respect for the rules of fashion and beauty. Elegance is about adding a touch of style that makes it possible to stand out among the many.

The lounge and deco pillows of the collection feature a special undulating, wave weave and are available in three colours and a variety of sizes.